Changes and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Changes does not sell or rent your data in any way.

When signing in to Changes, you have to connect your Linear account. By doing this, you give Changes permission to read and write to your Linear account. This is necessary for bare minimum functionality in Changes - to create and view Linear issues. Changes does not store any of your Linear issue data on our servers. Your Linear issue data never even passes through our servers, it is all direct communication with the Linear API. Changes will also never use the Linear write permission without your explicit intent - to create and update Linear issues.

Changes does collect your email and name for our own analytics purposes and minor functionality, such as emailing you about Changes. Your data will not be sold and is stored in our analytics provider, Mixpanel. For in-app purchases we use RevenueCat. Their privacy policies are below.

If you have any issues, concerns, or questions please email [email protected].